Best Dog Foods for Small Dogs With Allergies

If you live with a small breed dog, you know they may come with special needs that can set them apart from larger dogs beyond their more obvious differences. Some small dogs are more prone to certain sensitivities, including allergies that impact the way they eat, sleep, and play. Dogs with allergies, as we’ve discussed in past posts, may show signs of itchy skin or digestive issues that can negatively impact their quality of life. It’s important to discuss these issues with your vet to determine the best care for your pet, but first and foremost you should give particular thought to what you’re feeding them. You want to be sure that your small dog is getting the right food for their needs, and the place to start your search is online with Downtown Tabby Pet Store

Feeding Your Small Breed Dog

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Fromm Family Foods sets the standard with Fromm Gold Small Breed Dry Dog Food. Common allergens in dog food can come from proteins like dairy, meats, soy, and gluten. Allergic reactions caused by complex carbohydrates and additives from processed foods are also cause for concern. Any brand can claim to use quality ingredients, with only a steep price tag to back them up. But Fromm’s Gold Small Breed Dry Dog Food uses only the best proteins high in amino acids to maintain muscle, tissue repair, hormone synthesis, and other daily metabolic processes that are essential for small breeds. This is especially important for little dogs with big personalities like chihuahuas, who can sometimes be picky eaters. Fromm’s extensive range of foods are further enhanced with probiotics to aid digestion, and salmon oil to stimulate a healthy coat, so you can be sure that you’ll see the positive impact they’ll have on your furry friend every day. 


Feeding Your Puppies and Nursing Mothers

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Downtown Tabby Pet Store also stocks Fromm Gold Puppy Food, perfect for your growing pet. A good diet in your dog’s early years will help set them up for success down the road, contributing to a longer lifespan and fewer expensive vet visits. This puppy food is specially formulated to meet the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles not just for puppies, but also for pregnant or lactating dogs! 


Feeding Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

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When it comes to small breeds like French Bulldogs, a diet that truly supports their health is key to keeping them feeling energetic and healthy. A balanced diet can help stave off issues like obesity and breathing troubles that are of particular concern for these spunky pups. As such, high-quality animal protein should be the primary ingredient in their meals! In addition to Fromm Family Foods, Downtown Tabby Pet Store also carries products from Stella and Chewy’s, a brand known for their gourmet blends and premium ingredients. These unique raw recipe foods are prepared without any added hormones or antibiotics. Their products include beef and chicken freeze-dried meal mixers for topping dry foods like their cage-free and grain-free duck, chicken, and quail dry recipes as well as freeze-dried raw dinner patties. You can also purchase gourmet stewed canned food, and FreshMade gently-cooked dog food for pets with particularly sensitive stomachs. 


We know that you work hard to care for your furry companion, and Downtown Tabby is ready with the goods and supplies you’ll need every step of the way. If you’re in the Gainesville, Florida area we offer local delivery and in-store pickup.

You can shop our online store to see the variety of allergen-free foods your dog will enjoy, and we ship items daily!


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