Downtown Tabby Pet Store is Rebranding & Relocating!

Downtown Tabby Pet Store is Rebranding & Relocating!

Beginning May 1st, 2023, we will be doing business as GoodNature Pet Store, and our new store address will be 1315 South Main Street, Gainesville, Florida 32601.

This is a trade name change only and we are still operating as usual as Drawdy Industries, LLC.

There are no changes to our corporate ownership, management, banking, or legal entity filing, and our business Tax ID and EIN remain the same.

This name change does not impact our ongoing cooperation and agreed-upon terms with our vendors & affiliates. Any banking and credit card information you may have on file for us remains the same and we will continue to order and pay invoices using our current account numbers.

Our website domain will be redirected to  so, there will be no interruption of business services, existing website and customer accounts or advertising and our phone number has not changed.

We look forward to sharing our growth with you as we expand our product lines and services to bring more great food & products to pet parents!

See below for the full name, address, and contact information for GoodNature Pet Store.

Thank You!

GoodNature Pet Store
1315 South Main Street
Gainesville, Florida 32601
(352) 377-1100


We feel that the new location will not only bring in more physical traffic to our store but also has LOTS more parking, is a larger space allowing us to carry more of your much needed dog and cat products and supplies, is close to other related businesses in the pet industry and easy to access. It will allow you to go get a donut, see the vet, pick up some dog or cat food, grab a beer and or drop your furry baby off for day or night boarding (across the street from us).

We wrestled with this for a long time but a lot of new customers would say "Downtown Tabby", isn't that a cat pet store? So for this, and many other reasons, we decided to rebrand in a direction that signifies what we stand for and who we are! Good Natured People, Selling Good Natural Products to wonderful people (and their fur babies).