Earth Pets of Gainesville is now Downtown Tabby!

To better serve the Gainesville community, Earth Pets of Gainesville has become Downtown Tabby Pet Store.

More than a pet store, Downtown Tabby is a fun, welcoming place where we can build a community centered around pets and the people who love them. We want to be a hub of activity where people can enjoy a beer, spend time relaxing and connecting with other animal lovers and get knowledgeable support caring for their pets. We are excited to transition to a new name that better matches the personality of our store and the fun community we’re building.

Over the last few months, we’ve enjoyed communicating with our customers in new ways, providing services to keep people safe and their pets cared for, and bringing more high-quality, natural, and organic pet care products to our furry fans. We’ve recently renovated the store to make room for some fresh new products that are sure to become favorites – including local beer and wine. That’s just for humans, though!

Joy and Kat, the founders of Earth Pets, have deep ties to downtown Gainesville and to the care and welfare of animals. Their dedication to caring for animals goes back to 1987 when Joy helped establish the Canine Care Center. From there, she founded Gainesville Pet Rescue and then the kitten foster program. Now, they bring their knowledge and experience to Downtown Tabby to help pets and their owners!

Our knowledgeable team has thoroughly researched every product we carry to ensure that you are giving your pets the very best. We have a wide selection of holistic, natural, and high-quality pet food and treats for every kind of diet. You can also find a wide array of products for all of your pets’ daily needs including collars, leashes, vitamins, supplements, shampoos, grooming tools, beds, and toys – everything you need to care for your pets!

We are thrilled to continue sharing our knowledge, and building a community of animal lovers with Downtown Tabby!

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