Happy President's Day - Dogs and Cat Kind!

Four Score and 1 Year Ago... (because there are 7 years in dog years)

Our great fore fathers bought Dog Toys and Cat Toys from Downtown Tabby Pet Store in Gainesville, Florida.

Upon browsing the pet food specials for dogs and cats on this momentous president's day, we often reflect that it was the dogs and cats who won the civil war. (well that's what we believe)

So, whether you are a northerner, southerner or just general pet lover, you should enjoy the wonderful savings that Downtown Tabby Pet Store is offering.  I mean, it is a once in a week chance to get a discount.

So, raise your paws for the presidents and let them know that you really love your doggy or kitty with some wonder specials on dog food and cat food right at Downtown Tabby Pet Store.

Did I mention that Downtown Tabby Pet Store has their annual President's Day Specials going on right now? Sorry, I am a dog and have a short memory.

Vote for me! I mean, buy me some wonderful dog stuff from Downtown Tabby Pet Store. You will be showered in licks, I swear and possible a lille wag of my presidential tail.


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