How to Keep Your Dog Busy on Halloween

Halloween is a time of year where not just kids have fun, but also dogs and dog lovers! The season is filled with fun activities where you can include your precious pooch, but if you cannot be with your dog, find a safe room in the house where it can be left with toys and treats or better yet, with the family in a calm environment.

Keeping your dog busy on Halloween will guarantee a great time for everyone. On Halloween, first, be sure your dog gets plenty of exercise before the celebration begins. Put on an ID collar and GPS tracker on them if you are going outside or in case you accidentally let them escape out of the front door.

Let's review some great ways to keep your dog entertained during Halloween celebrations and create more great memories together.


1. Have a Scary Movie Night Together

Cozy up on the couch with your dog while you and your human companions enjoy candy and popcorn. Keep your dog busy with Halloween dog toys and delicious treats. Prepare a special blanket for your dog or pet bed, your four-legged friend will feel happy to be included in this cuddly opportunity.


2. Create an Exciting Photo Shoot

Make a photoshoot fun for your dog by providing lots of treats as they pose for the camera. You can make a game out of dressing up and snapping photos by motivating your dog with yummy treats. This is also a great opportunity to teach new tricks as you play around with the Halloween costumes for dogs and accessories. Small pumpkins are a great way to reward your dog, they love to toss them around and chew on them. A perfect photo op! And yes, be sure to put down a shower curtain where your dog is enjoying his pumpkin or you will have a nice mess on your hands.


3. Attend a Halloween Parade or Costume Contest

Be prepared with lots of treats so that you can keep your dog close to you all night. Dress up your dog and join other dog lovers outside, Stay active, socialize, and breathe the fresh night air. Alternatively, there are dog costume contests where you can dress up your pooch and win prizes. These are great for dogs who like to get lots of attention from people. As long as you have delicious treats, you'll be sure to keep your dog interested in the activities.


4. Let Your Dog Help With Trick-or-Treaters

If your dog is friendly with kids, enlisting them to help you greet visitors at the door is a great way to keep them entertained. Rewarding your dog creates a stronger bond and aids in learning new tricks. Dress up your dog and train it to bark or do a special tricks for visitors. Your dog will enjoy the stimulating activity and socialization. It is sure to get lots of petting and delicious treats for its service.


5. Prepare Special Halloween Treats

We all like delicious treats on Halloween and your dog is no different. Halloween baked treats for dogs are sure to keep them busy and satisfied. Don't want to bake? There are lots of pre-packaged options that will make your life easy and still provide homemade deliciousness! Your special buddy will surely know the night is unique with an assortment of Halloween treats for dogs. Or just go here and buy ours!

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