What are the Healthiest Cat Foods?

What are the Healthiest and Best Cat Foods?

Anyone who has a pet knows how important it is to provide them with the best care. After all, they are members of the family! Giving your cat the best nutrition possible will help it thrive and stay active around for many years to come. Not all cats need the same type of food, which means you must find out which formula is the best at any particular time. Like humans, cats go through different phases of life that require careful meal planning. At Downtown Tabby Pet Store, our mission is to provide the best products on the market to help pet parents enjoy their pets to the max. As an independent women-owned pet store, we offer convenient shipping options and a wide selection of some of the best brands available. Let's learn more about the various types of cat food and where you can shop for the purrrfect meal!


Healthiest Cat Food for Indoor Cats

Indoor cats are faced with the challenge of staying at an ideal weight. They are different from outdoor cats who are able to run outside, chase prey, climb trees, and do many other physical activities. Indoor cats need a special diet since they generally don't burn as many calories. With their slower metabolism, they require a meal plan that helps them stay trim and healthy. A great brand for indoor cats is Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Formula. Their options are enhanced with probiotics and superfoods to help your cat's development and overall health. It is specially made for indoor cats providing the appropriate proteins, vitamins, and minerals your cat needs. It also contains omega fatty acids and antioxidants for optimal well-being. You can also try food varieties by Fussie Cat. The brand focuses on physiologically correct recipes with meat as the main ingredient.

Healthiest Cat Food for Senior Cats

As your cat ages, nutrition has to be adjusted to support its aging body. Senior cats require more taurine and other nutrients found in fish, beef, and poultry. Because your cat has likely slowed down with age, food that contains fewer calories and fat is recommended to avoid obesity. Stella & Chewy's food for senior cats provides quality ingredients that come from local farms. Your senior cat will have the most energy and stamina with this unique formula that includes raw recipes. Free from antibiotics and added hormones, your cat will get the appropriate amount of amino acids, protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and other key compounds without harmful additives.

Healthiest Cat Food for Kittens

If you have kittens that are less than four weeks old, you will not be able to feed them solid foods. If your kittens are not able to feed from their mother's milk, you will have to provide a nutritional substitute that acts as a meal replacer. Our best nutritional choice for kittens comes from Fromm Gold Kitten. This brand provides quality nutrition for kittens and pregnant or nursing mother cats. The formula is carefully designed to provide cats with wholesome ingredients such as probiotics and salmon oil. This family-owned brand provides products that are prepared in small batches for the best quality food available on the market.

Healthiest Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach

Support your cat's sensitive digestive system by offering quality formulas specially designed to help your pet avoid allergies and other disorders. Stella & Chewy's has a variety of products to satisfy any taste. Even the pickiest eaters are sure to like this brand! Although your cat may appear not to have a sensitive stomach, it is important for you to provide a variety of foods instead of always serving the same items. Food intolerances and allergies can develop over time if cats are always given the same ingredients without introducing variety to their diets. Look for signs of digestive sensitivity such as vomiting, diarrhea, skin conditions, lack of energy, and other unusual symptoms. These symptoms could be an indication that you may need to switch your cat's food.

Healthiest Cat Food for Overweight Cats

Obesity is not a problem that affects only humans. Unfortunately, our pets are prone to being overweight for a variety of reasons. Stella & Chewy's formulas for overweight cats provide low carbohydrate and high protein meals that help your feline maintain a healthy weight. These meals have a high content of fiber to help your cat feel full without eating too many calories.

Healthiest Cat Food for Outdoor Cats

Outdoor cats have a very active life. They are free to roam as they do in the wild, which gives them plenty of opportunities to exert themselves physically. Choose products from Diamond Naturals Active Cat to provide your outdoor cat with plenty of the nutrients it needs to stay active.

Healthiest Cat Food for Urinary Health

If your feline friend has a urinary disorder, try Downtown Tabby's selection of canned cat food. Look for brands that contain low amounts of magnesium and other minerals (crude ash). These minerals can lead to urinary crystals and other health issues. Urinary crystals commonly develop in cats who lack water in their diets. To assist your cat with urinary health, you can help increase water consumption by adding a small amount to dry or wet food. Supplementing water throughout the day and choosing the right selection of food will help your cat stay free from urinary symptoms. Shop online for a variety of cat food at Downtown Tabby Pet Store. We carry some of the best brands available on the market to make it easy for you to keep your cat healthy. Visit our location in Gainsville, FL for free store pickup, and be sure to check out our deals and special events!

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