Where to Buy Single Cans of Cat Food Online

Canned wet food is super popular with dog and cat parents, and because there’s no one-flavor-fits-all approach, pet food companies offer a huge variety of tastes and textures to please canned food shoppers and their pets. While this is great news for your pet at dinnertime, it can get a bit overwhelming when trying a new food. 

What's great about most brick-and-mortar pet stores is that you can buy a nice variety of recipes by the individual can or pouch to let your pet sample some new tastes. But you usually won't get that opportunity when you are purchasing from an online grocery or pet store.

The problem is, when sold online, canned pet foods are almost always sold in cases of 12 - 24 cans.  Who wants to buy a whole case of cans when trying a new food?  - especially if your pet is finicky or having belly issues!

Where, you wonder, can you order single cans of dog and cat food online? 

The answer is, at Downtown Tabby Pet Store!  We offer a great selection of individual dog and cat food cans you can buy online, including brands like Dave’s Pet Food, Fussie Cat, Weruva, Ziwi Peak, Diamond Naturals, Earthborn, Zignature and Fromm Family Foods.

All our dog and cat canned food (even pouches!) can be purchased by the single in our online store for local home delivery or to be shipped to you!  And if your total order is over $75, shipping is FREE!  So, go ahead and shop around our Canned Dog Food and Wet Cat Food collections and let your pet try a variety of healthy canned wet food recipes, tastes and textures.

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