Why You Might See a Dog Food Shortage in 2022

Since the pandemic, we have seen various types of dog food and cat food supply shortages across the country. It has affected almost all industries including the pet food market. In 2022, we are still experiencing delays and interruptions in pet food manufacturing and distribution. You might be asking yourself: Why is there no dog food on shelves? The answer deals with various factors.

The current supply chain issues are affecting pet supply stores both at their physical locations and online stores. Pet owners are having a hard time finding their favorite dog food brands. In addition to bottlenecks at trading ports, the pandemic also led to more people adopting pets. The result is empty shelves around the country and online distributors not being able to provide the inventory they once had. Pet owners are facing a challenge as they try to provide their pets with a consistent brand of quality dog food.

The problem is more prevalent with canned dog food or as it is called "wet food." So, why is wet dog food out of stock? The explanation given by manufacturers is that the shortage is due to shutdowns in manufacturing plants due to the pandemic. Another reason is the increase in demand as there has been a new surge in pet adoptions since 2020.


Other manufacturers say that there is a shortage of aluminum cans and many companies are not receiving enough raw ingredients to be able to produce wet food. All of these reasons and others are valid. We are certainly not back to the pre-pandemic economic state. Now, we are starting to realize what it takes to get products to consumers. There are many things we took for granted as in the case of aluminum and other precious resources.

Aluminum is much more important than we might think. It is the Earth's 3rd most abundant element after silicon and oxygen. We don't think twice about this essential resource when we purchase canned products at the store, but that's changing now. Since the aluminum shortage, manufacturers are beginning to pack wet dog food in pouches and other containers to try to meet consumer demand as much as they can.

Is Dog Food Being Made the Same?

Because of the dog food and cat food shortage we are now experiencing with many resources, canned dog food producers are changing their flavor, texture, and overall brand. This is due to the inability of companies to use particular ingredients to manufacture their original formulas. For example, lysine is an added amino acid needed to make dog food. The global source of lysine is on lockdown causing many businesses to end production and sometimes, their overall operations.

While lysine and other ingredients become available again, we can expect manufacturers to provide other options. Some customers who cannot find dog food at their local store, are turning to local companies that make frozen dog food to be used as an alternative to canned products.




Will There Be a Dog Food Shortage in 2022?

Why is there a shortage of dog food? This is the question on the mind of many pet owners. We are all also wondering if this shortage will continue in 2022. The shortages that started after the pandemic will likely last through 2022. This applies to dog food and many other items we are accustomed to purchasing. There is a shortage of packing materials as well as the very raw ingredients needed to make the food. The shipping delays and limitations across the United States will continue through 2022 which means that companies will continue to struggle with the increased demand since 2020.

We might be tired of blaming the coronavirus pandemic for the problems that are affecting the packaging industry in the United States, but that's the exact reason why these shortages are happening. Closing down locations, restricting travel, and limiting shipping have made a long-lasting impact on the way the whole economy is running today. It is a huge shift that will be felt for a while until we finally arrive at a more stable place in our economy.




What's Next for Pet Owners?

Pet owners who are used to buying the same brands and cannot find them due to the shortage are exploring different options. Many have started to purchase different brands that show plenty of inventory while still providing competitive prices. Others are opting for buying raw ingredients and making their own dog food at home. It is certainly challenging to change your dog's food. While pet owners struggle to find stores that carry their favorite brands, they are left with the task of transitioning their dogs to new food options. Experts recommend that the switch to new food is made gradually because a sudden change can cause digestive discomfort.


Connect with Quality Distributors

As we go through this transition into stabilizing the economy and the supply chain, there are many distributors dedicated to providing the best products for your dog. One in particular is Downtown Tabby Pet Store operating out of Gainesville, Florida. They have been able to continue to provide the best quality pet food despite supply chain restrictions.

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