Pawsome Requests: Unleash Your Pet's Desires with GoodNature Pet Store!

Suggest a New Pet Product

We value your input! Can't find a specific brand or product? Suggest it! With our in-store inventory and special ordering, we can access thousands of products. If it meets our standards, we'll bring it in just for you! Complete the form below, let us know what you're looking for, and we'll research your request. We'll contact you if we decide to bring in your suggested brand or product.

Request a Sold Out Product

If you come across a product marked as "Sold In-Store" on our website, don't worry if it's out of stock. You can still request it by using the "Request This Product" form on the respective product page. This ensures efficient service. After receiving your request, we'll check availability in-store or through our weekly orders and contact you with the expected availability date. No need to pre-pay!