The Bear & The Rat Cool Treats for Dogs

The Bear & The Rat Cool Treats for Dogs, available at GoodNature Pet Store, are a true delight for our furry friends. These frozen treats offer the perfect balance of taste, nutrition, and refreshment, ensuring that dogs stay cool and satisfied. What makes them even more special is the story behind their creators, Matt and Meg Meyer, whom we had the pleasure of meeting after their appearance on Shark Tank. We've been proudly selling The Bear & The Rat treats ever since.

The commitment of Matt and Meg Meyer to crafting high-quality and delicious frozen treats for dogs is evident in every bite. Made with natural and wholesome ingredients, these treats provide a cool and flavorful experience that dogs simply adore. From their Frozen Yogurt Cups to their Frozen Yogurt Tubes, The Bear & The Rat offers a range of options to cater to different preferences and dietary needs.

Why We Love It
At GoodNature Pet Store, we couldn't resist the opportunity to bring The Bear & The Rat treats to our customers after meeting the passionate founders behind this remarkable brand. We continue to be impressed by the joy and satisfaction these treats bring to dogs' lives. Visit GoodNature Pet Store today and discover the irresistible coolness of The Bear & The Rat treats, created by Matt and Meg Meyer, for your beloved four-legged companions.