Kong EZ Soft Lighweight E-Collar for Cats and Small Dogs, Small

Kong EZ Soft Lighweight E-Collar for Cats and Small Dogs, Small
Kong EZ Soft Lighweight E-Collar for Cats and Small Dogs, Small
Kong EZ Soft Lighweight E-Collar for Cats and Small Dogs, Small
Kong EZ Soft Lighweight E-Collar for Cats and Small Dogs, Small
Kong EZ Soft Lighweight E-Collar for Cats and Small Dogs, Small

Kong EZ Soft Lighweight E-Collar for Cats and Small Dogs, Small

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The Kong EZ Soft Collar is a favored choice at GoodNature Pet Store for pet owners seeking a gentle and stress-free option to aid in their furry friends' healing process. This collar, designed by Kong, stands out from traditional hard cone collars due to its soft and pliant material, providing comfort and reducing stress for dogs and cats. The collar effectively prevents pets from disturbing their wounds as they recover, making it an essential tool for post-surgery, injury, and rash care.

The collar features a Lycra neckline that offers optimal support for pets with injuries, rashes, or those recovering from surgery. The Flexstay technology incorporated in the collar ensures that it retains its shape, providing stability and support throughout the healing process. With the cinch-tight toggle, the collar can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit, accommodating pets of various sizes.

Size: Small 5" x 12" (fits neck circumference 5.5" - 6.5")

One of the reasons why GoodNature Pet Store loves the Kong EZ Soft Collar is its durable and machine-washable material. This feature guarantees convenience for pet owners, as they can easily clean the collar and maintain proper hygiene for their furry companions. Additionally, the collar's soft and flexible fabric reduces the likelihood of pets getting stuck between fence posts or under furniture, ensuring their safety during the recovery period.

Moreover, the Kong EZ Soft Collar offers an added benefit by being gentle on furniture and doorways. Its flexible nature prevents it from causing any disturbances or noises when bumped against objects, providing a peaceful environment for both pets and their owners.

Why We Love It:
At GoodNature Pet Store, we understand that recovery can be a challenging time for pets, and that's why we highly recommend the Kong EZ Soft Collar. With its exceptional comfort, flexibility, and support, this collar enables dogs and cats to heal peacefully without any unnecessary discomfort or shame. Its innovative Flexstay technology ensures that the collar stays in shape, while the machine-washable material simplifies the healing process for pet owners. Choose the Kong EZ Soft Collar and make your pet's recovery journey as comfortable as possible.

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